Aug 10 — 2021 Calile Hotel

Popped in amongst the quaint boutiques of James Street Brisbane, the Calile Hotel’s modern resort style space is definitely something to be seen.

Jul 21 — 2021 Comax at Howard Smith Wharves

Comax furniture has featured in numerous projects at Brisbane’s historic landmark Howard Smith Wharves redevelopment. Including the modern and trend setting:
The Fantauzzo - Art Series Hotel

In this project the Comax creative team brought our clients vision to life.
Starting with an inspirational image.
We then collaborated to create this spectacular one-off custom banquette which flows through the foyer.

Aug 20 — 2020 Bespoke Large Quantity Production  

Comax not only specializes in bespoke furniture but we also have the capacity and machinery to manufacture large quantity furniture with the same attention and care as they give bespoke one-off designs. 

Comax uses the same process as they do with custom bespoke items for the prototype stage, once approved, production can run quantities that range up to 200. This ability allows the customer to receive a bespoke item that will stand out against mass-produced furniture. 

Jul 13 — 2020 Australian Made

We’re proud to be Australian manufacturers and have been so for over 30 years. The path of Australian Made furniture has transformed rapidly over time. It’s heart-warming to see more and more Australian’s turning away from mass production, budget furniture manufactured overseas; preferring to buy bespoke, ethically made, and crafted with care. 

Below are reasons we are proud to be Australian made and why buying Australian made Furniture is beneficial.